Management of rental properties

We ensure a good relationship with all your tenants

Would you like to make your life easier by entrusting us with the management of one or more rental properties? Do you need a reliable and competent intermediary between you and your tenants? Or are you looking to put your rental process on a more professional footing? Argecil manages residential units and commercial property. We can use our full range of expertise to secure the returns, competitiveness and long-term success of your real estate on the market.


Efficiency and responsiveness

What I highly appreciate about Argecil is how they handle problems and find quick and efficient solutions. The team is very reactive and they know how to be as close to the tenants as they are to the owner.

Building administrator

What we can do for you

Find tenants

Negotiate and sign leases

Complete and fully transparent management of your properties, including administrative, financial and legal formalities

Provision of IT tools to ensure efficient and transparent management

Detailed accounts and budget monitoring

Monitoring of tax implications

Organize rent collection and payments to owners

Technical maintenance

Strong value-added advice on maintaining the quality of your assets over time

Our team answers your question


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