Condominium Management

Let’s work together to maintain your condominium for the future

Are you looking for a partner to help your condominium with technical, administrative and financial decisions? To anticipate and supervise necessary maintenance work? To build a consensus on contentious issues? Thanks to years of experience in the administration of condominiums, we can offer transparent and effective management of your condominium, tailored to your needs.


The importance of human skills

Accompanying and advising members of a co-ownership requires tactfulness. A quality that is an integral part of Argecil that I experience at each Assembly meetings. This allows us to make progress and find solutions to many situations.

President of co-owners

What we can do for you

What we offer you

Organization and management of meetings of condominium owners

Advice on current and upcoming laws and regulations

Establishing a consensus between the parties

Provision of IT tools to ensure efficient and transparent management

Detailed accounts and budget monitoring

Development and implementation of technical and financial management strategies

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